My first home… (Well sort of)

I wanted to let you know how the implementation of TRID (TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure) is going for me. I was supposed to close on my first home October 21, 2015. Today is November 12, 2015 and still no word on if I can close. I am being told software problems are the reason I am not closing and that just blows my mind. Can I tell you that living on a friend’s floor and out of a suitcase is not what I had in mind for the start of the Holiday Season. I should be in the process of making my first home feel warm and welcoming for my family and friends in the coming weeks. Instead my cat (Fred is his name) is living with a relative because I can’t have him where I am staying. I have bags of clothes in my trunk, a suitcase on the floor and two pillows with me to get by. I thought buying a home would be the best step for me in life, to finally stop paying rent and getting nothing in return. However I have had to spend what money I was saving for the items needed in my first home on Movers to put my stuff in storage, which I will have to pay again to move out of storage, I am paying the utilities on the new home as it was better to transfer them instead of cancel. I am tired, my work is suffering because I am not sleeping enough, and my mind is focused on the what-ifs. So far the seller is being patient, but what happens when they finally give up and have to sell the home I want to move into? What happens to all the time I have just wasted? What happens if someone who thought they could achieve the American Dream can’t ask a friend anymore to crash with them? #JeremyJustWantstoClose